An Evening with Monty Halls | Wildlife Safari
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19:30 to 21:30 Royal Hall, Friday 28 September 2018. 

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Monty Halls is a broadcaster, speaker, naturalist, former Royal Marine, marine biologist, travel writer and leadership specialist. Earlier this year Monty returned to his favourite place on earth – The Galápagos Islands – but for the first time he was not adventuring there alone. His wife Tam and their two young daughters, five year old Isla and three year old Molly, joined him for a once in a lifetime experience. As a family they encountered extraordinary wildlife and life-changing experiences, living alongside creatures that can be found nowhere else on earth. Join us as Monty shares their amazing experience.

My Family and The Galapagos was commissioned for Channel 4 and made by Seadog TV & Film Productions with Motion Content Group. This brand new 3 part series will air on Channel 4 this July.

As an ex-Royal Marines Officer, Monty worked for Nelson Mandela during the peace process in the early nineties. He left the Marines to pursue a career in expeditions, travel journalism and biology, achieving a First Class Honours Degree and becoming qualified as a marine biologist. His degree was funded by running expeditions, the most notable of which was leading a multi-national team to the discovery of a sunken city off the Indian coast in 2002. During this period he also led four expeditions to Southern Africa, three to Malawi to explore the ecosystem of the lake and investigate poaching activity on the Nyika Plateau, and one to South Africa to dive looking for evidence of prehistoric settlements in cave systems off the Cape. For his work he was awarded the Bish Medal for services to exploration by the Scientific Exploration Society.

We are truly delighted to have Monty share his stories with us, this promises to be a memorable evening, listening to his adventures first hand and giving us an insight into experiences that we may decide we want to do ourselves.

Monty will open the Wildlife & Travel Safari Show at 10:00 on Saturday 29th September giving you the opportunity to discover even more and speak to the people who can make it happen.

Tickets to this event are from £25, which also include FREE weekend entry to the Wildlife & Safari Travel Show. To book your tickets, please click here

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