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Start your next wildlife, safari or conservation travel experience by meeting with our collection of expert exhibitors.

Hear from leaders in the field, jungle and polar regions. Those who have blazed the trails you want to follow.

Our planet is magnificent and for those who are curious to explore its wildlife, this event will feature a packed programme of engaging, educational and authentic stories, debates and talks to celebrate an incredible diverse range of wildlife, safari and conservation travel experiences.

Friday 28 September. The Galápagos: An Evening with Monty Halls

Monty Halls is a broadcaster, speaker, naturalist, former Royal Marine, marine biologist, travel writer and leadership specialist. Earlier this year Monty returned to his favourite place on earth – The Galápagos Islands – but for the first time he was not adventuring there alone. His wife Tam and their two young daughters, five year old Isla and three year old Molly, joined him for a once in a lifetime experience. As a family they encountered extraordinary wildlife and life-changing experiences, living alongside creatures that can be found nowhere else on earth. Join us as Monty shares their amazing experience.

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Saturday 29 September. A Really Wild Evening in Conversation with Sue Flood, Lucy Cooke and Miranda Krestovnikoff

Join us for a great night out with 3 inspirational women in conversation, as they discuss their wildlife, nature and photography careers. Hear stories and anecdotes about life in the wild and discover why these intrepid women feel they have the best jobs in the world, not just another day at the office . An evening of fun, adventure and an eye opener to some of the world’s most amazing creatures, destinations and the nature that we may have only dreamed of experiencing.

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For the WSC Stories and Love Wildlife theatres, running at the show on Saturday and Sunday, please click on the below links.