How Many Elephants | Wildlife Safari
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Calling all elephant lovers, conservationists, activists and change makers who dare to say “I can make a difference in the world, it’s time to stand up for elephants”

Few people know that 96 African elephants are poached each day for their ivory. At this astonishing rate they will be extinct by 2025. It is hard to imagine that 35,000+ elephants are being slaughtered annually simply to satisfy unfounded but deep-rooted traditions, myths and desires of some. A survey carried out by the International Fund for Animal Welfare revealed that 70% of the Chinese, the most prominent ivory consumers globally, did not know that ivory came from dead elephants. The Chinese word for ivory literally translates to tooth. This is a stark reminder that greater awareness and education is needed and quickly. To situate this in a broader context, exotic and rare animal parts have been fetishized by humans as luxurious, highly prized and valued possessions for hundreds of years. We are striving to change this through greater education and awareness.


Get Involved with the ‘Join The Herd’ Colouring In Petition.

This global visual petition, by How Many Elephants, is a powerful statement to the world declaring that, as a global culture, we will no longer stand by and let elephants be poached to extinction.

Colour in your elephant at the Wildlife & Safari Travel Show to unite and inspire global change.

There will be a competition throughout the day with spot prizes and special How Many Elephant stationary to be won. Holly will running the colouring in corner, so you’ll have the chance to speak to her about this amazing project. And don’t miss here talk ( Design for Wildlife ) on Saturday morning in the WSC Stories theatre from 10:40 to 11:10.

For more information on How Many Elephants please click here