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The Wildlife Conservation + Volunteering Huddle is an advice and planning feature for visitors interested in taking time out, for a meaningful travel experience.

Volunteering abroad on a wildlife conservation project can be life changing with opportunities to learn new skills, explore offbeat destinations and give something back to local communities.

From turtle conservation in Mexico to projects working with cheetahs in South Africa and everything in between, the Wildlife Conservation + Volunteering Huddle is where you will get all the insight from those in the know.

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Worldwide Experience

Worldwide Experiences for people who want to make a difference. As overall awareness of the worlds problems increase, more and more people choose to take part in worthwhile projects overseas. Worldwide Experience has identified this need and has set up several projects which are better-suited for to the grown-up gapper or more mature volunteer. 

Worldwide Experience is a constantly-developing company which offers a wide range of programmes that cater for all ages and interests, allowing you to get personally involved. Wild animals will cease to exist if man continues to eradicate their environment. Here is your chance to play a part in making sure that for generations to come, people can enjoy the grace of Mother Nature in its entirety. You also have the opportunity to develop your skills in conservation by taking part in specialized accredited Game Ranger Courses

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ORCA believes that the only way to protect our whales and dolphins is to identify areas where they’re vulnerable and study their habitats. That way, we can protect these places by changing the way we use them. That includes shipping, fishing, noise pollution, marine litter and more. Best of all, this information can be shared and used across the globe. Providing a local solution to a global problem. With our unique take on marine conservation, ORCA is a charity that’s entirely dedicated to studying and protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises in the UK and European waters.

We work to identify and protect critical whale and dolphin habitats in our waters and beyond. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we help to create safer places for whales and dolphins ultimately promoting the health of our seas.ORCA Surveying offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to actively participate in whale and dolphin conservation.

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Kaya Responsible Travel

Join Kaya as a conservation volunteer and you will have an incredible time working on a sustainable project on a range of activities to protect plant, marine and animal habitats and their varied inhabitants.

You will join a bigger team working on rehabilitation, research or habitat development and not only contribute to long term environmental and wildlife conservation goals, but also gain amazing first hand experience of the challenges facing a range of endangered and at risk species. You may even be able to combine this fascinating work with an international diving qualification or a wildlife internship. Please see below our different types of Conservation projects.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

A Yorkshire rich in wildlife. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is a local charity working to create a Yorkshire rich in wildlife for everyone. The Trust believes Yorkshire should be rich in wildlife for the benefit of everyone with more wildlife, more wild places and more people having a strong connection to nature.

For more than 70 years, we have been saving wildlife and wild places, increasing people’s awareness and understanding of the natural world, and deepening people’s relationship with it. We work on land and sea, from hidden valleys and coves to city streets. Wherever you are in Yorkshire, our people, places and projects are never far away, improving life for wildlife and people together, within communities of which we are a part.

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